Yes, I’m STILL here!

So for the first time in a while, I am back to update. It has been, by far, one of the craziest times in my life.

I knew that when my Little Guy started school that he would get sick way more often than ever now being exposed to germs-a-plenty. We’ve had run-ins with Strep, but the one that hit us really hard was Hand, Foot, & Mouth disease. It lasted about a week for him. And unfortunately, I also got sick with it. It was horrible to say the least. I have just barely gotten the feeling back in my fingertips and still dealing with my skin peeling off in mass from the insane rash that this virus produces. I do plan on writing a better article on this and what worked and didn’t work for both my kiddo and I.

I also spent a lot of time thinking about the direction of this blog. I am very thankful for the people who have taken time to pin and read my entries and I am sincerely hoping they are helping people. I plan on coming back with more original recipes as well as some other original content so please, PLEASE stay tuned.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Halloween and are gearing up for an even more amazing Thanksgiving (for my fellow U.S. peeps) as well as a glorious Holiday season!!

Stay tuned & hopefully I will be back to give you some wonderful ideas for the “most wonderful time of the year”!


As always, if you have any ideas, questions…or if there’s something you would like me to test out for you, let me know! <3

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