Tryazon Blount Organic Soup Party

I love Tryazon – I know I’ve mentioned it before. So I’m always excited when I’m chosen to host a party. Even more, I was excited to apply for and be chosen to host a Blount Organic Soup Party through Tryazon. The party pack arrived with a Blount Organic Apron (which is now proudly hanging on my pantry door), two Blount Organic wooden spoons, a burlap Blount Organic tote bag (which I’m in LOVE with) and some white dinner napkins with the Blount Organic logo. Also, to help with the party, I received six (6) coupons for a free container of soup so that I can have samples to present at the party. I also received coupons for $1.50 off a container of Blount Organic soup for each of my party attendees. Successfully Homemade: Tryazon Blount Organic Party

One of the many wonderful things about Blount Organic soups is that they are made from all-natural ingredients and contain nothing artificial. In a world where convenience reigns (which means overly processed foods are at the top of the food chain) its refreshing to see a company create food products that are as close to nature and as close to what you would make in your own kitchen as possible. Because of this, these soups are not found on the regular store shelves in the soup aisle. Instead, they are located in a refrigerated case located in the deli at my local Super Target.

The only unfortunate thing is that my Target only carried four (4) out of the eight (8) varieties of Blount Organic soup available. For the party I was only able to present: Broccoli Cheddar, Tomato Bisque, Ancient Grain Minestrone, and Coconut Lentil. These soups are either vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or a combination (i.e. both vegan and gluten free). From reading the nutrition labels, these soups are also low in calories, fat, and carbs. The only downside, for me, is that the sodium content was a little on the higher side (around 30%). However, these soups would be easy to incorporate into many different lifestyles.

Successfully Homemade: Tryazon Blount Organic Soup party

For my party, I decided to first present the soups alone so that guests could really get to taste the soups and, hopefully, bask in their all-natural glory as I have. Then, I wanted to present add-in options to show how these soups could easily fit/transition into weekly menus. Some items I laid out were all-natural, smoked ham cubes, baked eggplant “fries”, as well as “grown up” grilled cheese sticks, in addition to a veggie tray as well as a meat and cheese tray.

Successfully Homemade: Tryazon Blount Organics Soup party

We sampled the soups one at a time and everyone was pretty vocal as to their thoughts about the soups. In general the soups were a huge hit with the crowd. Over all, we all enjoyed how hearty they were. The textures were very “homemade” as one person put it. They weren’t overly smooth like some canned varieties sold in stores. I couldn’t agree more.

The Broccoli Cheddar soup wasn’t lacking in broccoli pieces whereas even some restaurants hardly have any green goodness to show for all the hard work I’m sure goes into making this liquid gold. Also, to note, the cheese flavor was wonderful. Nobody felt the need to add any additional cheese, which is a big deal for this group of self-proclaimed cheese lovers. Some tried smoked ham chunks and said it would be a great meal on a cool Autumn day to fill the belly and warm you up! I even brought up using this soup to make a quick casserole for dinner (which it was requested that I create a recipe for this group. I am working on this and will post as soon as it’s perfected!)

Successfully Homemade: Tryazon Blount Organic Soup party

The next soup we sampled was the Ancient Grain Minestrone Soup. We were all so excited to see so much veggie and grain in this soup. This, by itself, would be another Autumn/Winter soup for curling up with a blanket, your favorite movie, and a mug of this soup. The spicy kick was an added bonus to this wonderfully delicious soup. The idea was tossed around of adding some grilled chicken chunks/shreds to make yet another quick, easy, and certainly tasty dinner. A soup that has everything, we thought, was an impossibility! But we were all so glad it was here for the tasting and excited to see pieces of carrots and green beans as well as grains.

Successfully Homemade: Tryazon Blount Organic Soup Party

I’m sad to say the Coconut Lentil soup had the group divided. Some thought the curry flavor of this particular variety was a little on the heavy side, while others thought it was just enough. However, we all agreed the name of the soup was a little misleading. Saying “coconut” lead us to believe there would be some hint of a coconut flavor to the soup when in reality there is just coconut milk listed as an ingredient and it provides no flavor. That was a little disappointing since it would have been nice to have a little sweetness to balance the curry. The redeeming quality was that it was also chock full of lentils and spinach. Another amazing, chunky soup packed with flavor!

Successfully Homemade: Tryazon Blount Organic Soup party

The last soup we sampled was the Tomato Bisque soup. I must say this one was a huge selling point for my guests. It is THE ultimate comfort food. We all remember being kids and having our moms (and dads) make us grilled cheese and a bowl of tomato soup, especially when we weren’t feeling well. This soup evoked so many wonderful memories and many believed this soup would help accomplish the same with their own children. And it was mind-blowing how “homemade” the soup tasted. It wasn’t ultra smooth, it had some hints of fresh tomato and the spice blend was just perfect – not too spicy, not too bland. This Tomato Bisque would be awesome to use to make a Chicken Parmesan. I’m working on this recipe too.

Successfully Homemade: Tryazon Blount Organic Soup Party

All in all, this was a fun party to host. Everyone had a great time and it was really enjoyable to brainstorm together all the great possibilities for these amazing soups. I know I’m not the only person who was inspired by Blount Organic Soup! A HUGE thank you to Tryazon and Blount Organic Soup for this opportunity!

Successfully Homemade: Tryazon Blount Organic Soup Party

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