The Pumpkin Spice Chronicles – Week 1


Successfully Homemade: Pumpkin Spice Chronicles

*note: this post is purely an opinion piece. I am in no way affiliated with any brands, products or companies mentioned below nor have I been paid for my review.*

Ok so I’m back. I took some time off to spend time with my Little Guy before he started Kinder. Success!

I was super excited to read an article from about all the “Fall-flavored” foods/treats to expect in stores this year. It has since been updated and the list is MASSIVE.

Being an insane lover of all things Autumn — but especially Pumpkin flavored foods — I immediately set out on the hunt for some of these items on the list as well as others that I could find.

I’m assuming in other places these items are more readily available than they are here in my small spot in Texas. I did however manage to find ONE pumpkin food item and another limited edition treat for the Fall season. I’m trying them so you don’t have to! Unless I say they’re good… then you have to try them. *note: you don’t have to try them, just know I’m picky with my fall treats & if I think they’re amazing, they are. They’re held to such high standards*

So what did I find? How did it taste? Read on, my friends!

Noosa Pumpkin Yoghurt

Successfully Homemade Pumpkin Spice Chronicles


Price: $4.99 for a package of four 4 oz. cups

Rating: A++++++++++

My thoughts: While this is probably one of the more pricey packages of yogurt (most here go for around $3.47 a 4-pack), it was well worth every penny. Admittedly, I was disappointed when I saw the yoghurt was white, but upon further inspection I saw there was a sort of pumpkin swirl in the cup.

Successfully Homemade: Pumpkin Spice Chronicles

Mixing it up made it look like pumpkin pie filling. Also, something wonderful to note, it didn’t have that familiar “sour” scent most yogurts have. This made for a deliciously smooth tasting yogurt. I imagine if you scooped this up and ate it with graham crackers, it would taste like a pumpkin cheesecake. The thick, velvety texture that Noosa creates along with the slightly sweet, yet not tangy flavor makes for a perfect Fall treat. I’m amazed at how they were able to create a wonderful balance with this product. It wasn’t overwhelmingly pumpkin or spice. It’s a definite pet peeve when companies feel they have to over-do the pumpkin flavor. It’s not a race. No need to go overboard for that “x-treme” pumpkin-ness. I have a feeling this will be one of my seasonal splurges! I’m also thinking this would be wonderful to make a nice pumpkin smoothie or use to make overnight oatmeal to bring your usual go-to breakfasts into Autumn with flare!


Pecan Pie M&Ms

Successfully Homemade: Pumpkin Spice Chronicles

Price: $2.50 for a 9.90 oz. bag

Rating: C-

My thoughts: I desperately wanted to like this product. I rooted for it. So hard. I was excited to try them. Pecan Pie is a big deal in these parts. This is Texas, y’all. If you don’t have at least one pecan pie in your Thanksgiving dessert spread, you’re automatically banned from hosting at your house forever. Seriously.

A great pecan pie has is a beautiful mix of toasty pecans and thick, sweet filling dancing upon a delightful warm, flaky crust. When you slide your fork down to cut that first bite of pie, you can feel the pecan resist against the tines a bit as filling escapes the sides, but you know it cannot escape for long. All these elements meet in your mouth for the heaven that is pecan pie.

Sadly, M&Ms failed miserably at recreating this experience. I wasn’t expecting to have an exact flavor replica of pecan pie in tiny, round chocolate candies. BUT there should at least be some hint of pecan pie within the candies and there was none.

Successfully Homemade: Pumpkin Spice Chronicles

I think M&Ms would have been better off naming these Maple instead of Pecan Pie because that was all I tasted. They were overwhelmingly sweet and maple-y. Definitely not candies I would buy again. I think they could’ve captured the toasty-ness of pecans or maybe if they had mixed pecan pieces (think, Peanut M&Ms or Almond M&Ms) into the current flavoring, it would have somehow made a difference. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a sucker for maple flavor. These candies didn’t even taste like I wanted to pour them over a nice, tall, warm stack of pancakes. If I had to try to explain the taste…. I think the best description would be to imagine that moment you realize your sweet, little granny was losing it & could no longer bake the treats you so cherished as a child. She called you up to let you know she was making your favorite Maple Fudge for you. The anticipation waiting to return home so that you could be greeted by a platter of delicious fudge was almost unbearable. But alas, you pick up that first piece and gently place it in your mouth so that you don’t lose even a crumb of this sweet gold. Except…once you bite in, you’re immediately yanked from your childhood and thrown into the sad reality of adulthood. And possibly need to set an appointment for denture fitting. Why? Because your teeth were going to fall out for sure from the insane amount of sugar granny must have used in this batch of fudge. Granny just slaughtered your memories with too much of a good thing. She had good intentions, but in the end, she would’ve been better off to just send you the recipe.

That’s EXACTLY how I felt about these M&Ms. I love them. And I love Pecan Pie. Unfortunately, they do not go together. Thank you for trying, but this is one flavor idea that should’ve been left on the cutting room floor. For the rest of the season, every time I pass a bag of these in the store I’ll feel a little sadness in my heart. You know, kind of like running into your Ex that you were so in love with and he/she completely shredded your heart & let you down. So down.


Have you found any Pumpkin/Fall flavored treats yet? If so, have you tried them? Let me know in the comments!



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