Pumpkin Spice Chronicles Week 4

I’m having such a wonderful time finding products to try out for this series. The first day of Autumn is tomorrow and I just couldn’t be more excited! Well, as excited as I could be even though the temperatures are still in the 90’s. All things aside, Pumpkin Spice season is in full swing.

This week, I tried 3 more products. One of those is a cereal made just for Halloween (which is also coming up quicker than we realize).

Welcome to week 4 of the Pumpkin Spice Chronicles!

Cap’n Crunch’s Halloween Crunch

Pumpkin Spice Chronicles

Price: $2.99 for a 13 oz. box

Rating: B+

My thoughts: This cereal had the great, classic flavor of Cap’n Crunch that we’ve all grown up with. But in the spirit of Halloween they added tiny, little orange ghost shapes that, as they soak, are supposed to turn the milk green. You can see little green dots of dye surface as the ghosts sit in the milk. After about 10 minutes, the milk had only managed to become a sort of soft green. I would liken this to a pistachio pudding color. It wasn’t a deep green at all. In fact, it was hard to capture in a photo.

Successfully Homemade: Pumpkin Spice Chronicles Week 4

Really hard to capture in a picture…

But for something seasonal that you’d probably only buy once, it’s definitely exciting for kids to stir the bowl and watch the ghosts ‘ooze’ the green dye. And then eat them…and try to check out their tongue to see if it turns green too!

Hostess Caramel Apple Cup Cakes

Successfully Homemade: Pumpkin Spice Chronicles Week 4

Price: $2.50 for a box of 8 individually wrapped cupcakes.

Grade: A

My thoughts: Last week I tried the Pumpkin Spice version of the Cup Cakes. I was surprised to see another Limited Edition fall flavor of these popular little guys. And they were all sold out of the Pumpkin Spice ones. Gladly, I decided to pick up a box to try and see if they live up to their Pumpkin Spice sibling.

These golden cakes were soft and fluffy just like the other Fall variety. They have a pleasant caramel apple scent; it was wonderfully balanced and I appreciated that the caramel scent wasn’t too strong. The frosting layer is a deep tan color with a red version of the signature swirl pattern. Just like the Pumpkin Spice counterpart, the frosting was a sort of rough, hearty texture which snapped wonderfully under my fingers when breaking the cake in half.

Successfully Homemade: Pumpkin Spice Chronicles Week 4

The taste was, overall, delicious. They were not too sweet or sugary and again, the caramel flavor wasn’t overpowering at all as it had a great apple-spice flavor, although I do wish it was a little stronger. However, there was  just the right hint of caramel. I don’t think I can say this enough: there’s something so satisfying about eating a sweet that doesn’t make me feel like my teeth will fall out. I would absolutely buy these again and enjoy them with a warm cup of tea when the temps cool down a little.

White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Gourmet Bark

Successfully Homemade: Pumpkin Spice Chronicles Week 4

Price: $1 for a 1.2 oz. bar

Rating: F

My thoughts: Well so far, this is my lowest rated item. And for a very good reason. The packaging was beautiful with its fall colors and motif. I really had no problem paying $1 for this item. In the past, I’ve been pretty satisfied with items purchased from the $1 spot at Target. I love those little stir sticks they sell for the holidays that have a chunk of chocolate on the end for melting into your coffee. They come in great flavors like Salted Caramel or Mexican Spice. Last year, they had a White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor that was a real winner with me. So when I saw this particular White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Bark, I had high expectations. I thought it would be similar to the awesomeness of that stir stick. Boy, was I wrong. Opening the package, I could smell this waxiness. Seriously, it smelled like a cinnamon crayon. I had to double check the package to make sure this was an edible product and not a wax-warmer melt or a soap or something. Nope. Chocolate bar. Successfully Homemade: Pumpkin Spice Chronicles Week 4

Biting into this self-proclaimed “Gourmet Bark” had to be one of the most awful experiences of my life. It was even more waxy tasting than it smelled. I had to fight against my gag reflex to choke it down. I know I’ve commented on every post in my Pumpkin Spice Chronicles so far about how a product had some, too little, not enough..etc. Pumpkin Spice flavor…this product had NONE. That’s right. NO PUMPKIN SPICE flavor. It didn’t have much flavor aside from…plastic. Or wax. Not even a hint of that cinnamon that I was able to detect in the scent. I’m so glad this only cost a buck because anything else would be too expensive for this grey-colored, poor excuse for a Pumpkin Spice bark. If you hate someone, this is the perfect treat to give them. Otherwise, spend your money on something else.

That’s it for this week! If you liked this article or know someone who would, please share this with them. If you have a product you would like for me to try, please leave a comment below! Feedback is always welcomed and important to my development of this blog. Thank you for taking time to read! Have a great day and Happy Autumn! 🙂



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