The Pumpkin Spice Chronicles – Week 3

Each week I grow more and more excited walking into a store and seeing the Back-to-School displays coming down and the Halloween/Fall decorations coming up. With great hope, soon the temperatures will cool and the leaves will change color and begin to fall after being safely nestled on the branches of the trees since Spring. … [Read more…]

The Pumpkin Spice Chronicles – Week 2

As we inch closer to the beginning of Autumn I get more and more excited. I’m longing for cooler weather, feeling the crunch of brown leaves under my feet as I walk, and decorating for Halloween, then for Thanksgiving. I’m also excited because I am starting to find more things Pumpkin Spice and everything nice…er…well, … [Read more…]

How to Make a Strawberry Daiquiri For One

Today is National Daiquiri Day. I figured what better way to commemorate this even than by making my personal favorite: Strawberry Daiquiri. Now, this recipe makes either one huge daiquiri (if you have one of those awesome goblets like at the restaurants) or a couple of daiquiris if you are using “regular” glasses. You know, … [Read more…]

Summer Activities and is it Good to Keep a Schedule During Summer Break?

Please note all opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am not affiliated with any product, service, or person(s) mentioned in this post.¬† I hope you all are having an awesome week so far! But man, it is HOT outside. In my part of Texas yesterday, and over the weekend, the temperatures reached … [Read more…]

Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Cake. That one word elicits numerous feelings and emotions. Excitement, nostalgia, desire, fear. Fear? Yes, fear. “Fear of what?”, you might be wondering. Imagine an entire 3-layer cake in front of you. Your favorite cake covered in your favorite frosting. You cut a slice, a thick, sure-to-satisfy slice and plop it onto a plate. Just … [Read more…]

Mexican Corn Salad

Last week was…interesting, to say the least. I tried my best to make it here to write something. Sadly, it just didn’t work out that way. There were terrible storms that produced not only rain, but also large, damaging hail. And let’s not forget the flooding. Cars, homes, and people were damaged and hurt. Not … [Read more…]